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Chicos Radio Top 20

Chicos Radio Top 20

Chico's Radio Top 20
1).Sergio Davis-Weekend
2).Floyd Taylor-Step Into My Heart
3).David Drinston-Junk In The Trunk
4).Vick Allen-Creepin' Ain't Easy
5).Chairman Of The Baord-You Gotta Crawl Before You Walk
6).LaMorris Williams-It's The Weekend
7).Bobby Rush-Nightfishin'
8).Dave Mack-Somethin' Ain't Right
9).Floyd Taylor-My Bad
10).Lee Shot Williams-Ease On Down In The Bed
11).Greg Smith-Has It Come To This
12).J Diamond Washington-Git Wit It
13).Bobby Rush-I'm  Tired Of That Who Said Mess
14).Lou Wilson-Gonna Let The Dogs Out
15).Sir Charles Jones-Drop That Thang
16).Jeff Floyd-Lovin' Someone On The Outside
17).Sergio Davis-Git On Flo
18).Bob Steele-Girl Got It Goin' On
19).La'Keisha-Go Back
20).Billy Ray Charles-Let's Do This
1)Bobby Rush-I'm Tired Of Who Said Mess
2)Gregg A. Smith-Has It Come To This
3)Sergio Davis-Good Loving Woman
4)Mel Waiters-Throw Back Days
5)Stacy Mitchhart-You Trun Me On
6)Stacy Mitchhart-Midnight Breeze
7)Gregg A. Smith-Fell In Love 
8)Ms Jody-Ms. Jody
9)Ms.Jody-Sugar Daddy
10).Ms.Jody-Get Drunk Party
11).Sheba Potts-Wright-I Know You're Missing Me
12)Sheba Potts-Wright-I Just Can't Walk Away
13)Ms.Monique-Mr.Do Right
15)Wendell B.-Heaven Sent Me And Angel 
16).Bigg Robb-It's The Weekend
17).Bigg Robb-Freeze
18).K-Band-K-Band Slide
19).K-Band-Undercover Lovin'
20).K-Band-The Party Is Right Here
21).David Brinston-You Can't Trust Anybody 
22).Vick Allen-I'm Giving It Up      

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